To register your child for a place at Stepping Stones Pre-School you will need to complete the registration forms (which are located at the back of the Pre-School Handbook) and return to the Office with the £15 Registration (if applicable) and proof of your child’s identification before a place can be allocated.  Children can start at the setting the term or half term (whichever is closest) BEFORE their third birthday.  

Stepping Stones Pre-School intend to be accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community.

15 Hour funding for 3/4 year olds is available the term after their third birthday as follows: 

Born Between             Funding Starts

1 Jan-31 March          After Easter (Summer)

1 April – 31 Aug         September (Autumn)

1 Sept – 31 Dec         January (Spring)

Stepping Stones Pre-School will also accept children for the 30 Hour Funding.  Eligibility must be checked by the parents via

Sessions will be allocated according to the following priority:-

  • Places will be allocated in date of birth order if there is a waiting list.
  • Sessions will be allocated according to parental preference wherever possible.
  • Funded two year olds will take priority depending on individual circumstances – although we only take them the term or half term before their third birthday.
  • Allocation of additional sessions for those already registered, will be allocated at the manager’s discretion subject to individual circumstances and availability.

Sessions will be allocated when requested. In order to achieve the best possible use of sessions it may be necessary to alter the days children attend at the beginning of the spring and summer terms.

Please refer to the Pre-School Handbook (which can be found in ‘Admissions/Useful Information’) for the latest information and fee rates.